The Soul of the Wine is the Vineyard

Knights Bridge VineyardThe most exquisite wine grapes come from unique vineyards that are perfectly suited to producing extraordinary fruit. Because grapes are the ultimate expression of a vineyard, soil chemistry, water availability, micro-climates and even minor changes in elevation and orientation to the sun can make an enormous impact on quality. This concept, called terroir in France, and what we call a strong sense of place, is what we believe results in wines of distinction. Wines of place can not just come from anywhere. But it is not enough to just have the perfect vineyard, the varietal grown there must match the place and the vineyard practices must be focused on coaxing out quality from the grapes. 

This synergy of place, varietal and practice results in wines with depth and character.

For the wines of Knights Bridge, we use grapes from our unique estate vineyard nestled on the slopes of the Mayacamas mountain range of Knights Valley, but we have also sought out other spectacular properties of the same caliber. Using place as our guide, only exceptional fruit from exceptional vineyards is chosen for our wines. Our greatest hope is that when you drink our wines you get a strong sense of the quality and care that has gone into producing the fruit of these wines of place.