Food Created for Wine that is Created for Food

At Knights Bridge Winery, we are passionate about our food too. The fundamental ingredients of terroir, tradition and passion apply to food as well as wine. So it follows that the wines of Knights Bridge would be served with food of the same caliber, as both express our zeal for life at its fullest.

Our wine takes its place at our table accompanied by the food for which it was created and by our close circle of family and friends. Our menus complement the flavors in the wine and the synergy between them results in an incomparable experience, especially when combined with the fellowship of our loved ones.

In spite of our long lists of favorite restaurants, we find in the end that there's still no place like home. Especially when our Managing Director is doing the cooking! Tim Carl is a professionally-trained chef who has worked under some of Wine Country's best and most talented chefs, including Masa Kobayashi, John Ash, and Gary Danko. His food philosophy, like his wine philosophy, is simple: fresh local ingredients, classically prepared, with concentrated flavors. The wines of Knights Bridge are crafted with food in mind, and our recipes are created to pair perfectly with these flavor profiles.

Our winter menu has been greatly enjoyed by our family and friends. Recipes for this five-course feast paired with Knights Bridge wines are included so that you can host your own event. Check back often as we plan to add more recipes each season.

We are blessed to be able to count on our organic garden for most of the fresh produce we need. If you do not have a garden of your own, search out your local farmer's market or organic grocer and substitute ingredients as needed for what's freshest in your neighborhood. Local and organic are almost always the best choices.


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